Our Mission

Our mission is to to grow in the likeness of Jesus by loving God,
encouraging each other, and sharing the good news of Jesus.




Our Beliefs and values


  • We believe there is one God — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — who is eternal and who created all things.

  • We believe the Father sent the Son, Jesus Christ, who was God in human form, to establish God’s kingdom.

  • We believe Jesus died for our sins, was buried, was raised from the dead, and returned to heaven to be with the Father.

  • We believe salvation is possible only through the gracious work of God, and that people respond to His gift by putting their trust in Jesus, by turning away from their sin, and by being immersed into Christ.

  • We believe the Father and Son send the Holy Spirit as a gift to live inside those who believe so that He might transform them into the likeness of Christ.

  • We believe Christ will return some day.

  • We believe God reveals this good news through the Bible, which is His authoritative word for our lives.


  • Worshiping, praying, and learning together in unity and freedom across generations.

  • Proclaiming the abundant, extravagant, joy-giving good news of God’s grace in Christ.

  • Serving people, especially the poor and homeless, in greater Springfield.

  • Following the leading of the Holy Spirit through scripture and the community of faith.

  • Making disciples of the next generation and the non-churched.

  • Answering Jesus’ prayer for unity of all believers in Christ.

  • Investing in the care and encouragement of our church family.

  • Releasing with excellence the gifts, talents, and experience of every member for ministry.

  • Giving generously to help people and to advance the gospel of Jesus.

Sharing life in jesus

Our Elders

Terry Barnes

Rob Fridge

John Gill

Craig Peterson

Danny Black

John Gill

David Rutter

David Dockery

Kent Little

Our Ministers

Lisa Luter

Randy Wray
Joe McKinney
Deron Smith

Want to worship with us?

Though it goes without saying, we want to say it anyway: we are not a perfect church, and are constantly learning from Jesus how to live and share a full life. We would be honored to have you come and learn with us, to be our guest any time.