YESYouth of East Sunshine provides a place where youth can belong, are challenged to grow in their faith, discover who they are in Christ, and serve alongside one another.

Youth Ministry Goals


  • We strive to make this a place where teens belong.
  • Provide opportunities for each teen to grow as individuals.
  • Help teens discover, grow in and use their spiritual gifts.
  • Challenge their faith.
  • To create intergenerational opportunities in order to make the church one family and allow the teens to create relationships with those who are older than they are.
  • Help them learn what it means to serve and truly love people.
  • Create an environment where they can let loose and have fun!

To accomplish these goals and desires, our Youth Group is very active (meeting together more than just Sunday morning and Wednesday nights), and they love being together. We are very intentional with the activities we plan, and ultimately desire for this ministry to bring glory to God.

What You Can Expect

Sunday Mornings
We have two separate classes — one for the high school and one for the jr high. These classes are taught by various men and women in our church family, and are on topics that are specific to their age groups. Our aim is to go beyond the surface—to really get deep with these teens.

Wednesday Nights
We have a class for the entire 7th-12th grade. From January-May 2015 our Wednesday nights are “YouthTube.” Each night has a different TV (the tube) show theme. The teens engage in an interactive game based on the TV show to kick off the evening. This leads into a creative lesson with discussion and small groups. These classes are designed to be culturally relevant while getting teens to be creative, think critically, be challenged and grow in a safe environment.

We have Lifegroups twice a month on Sunday nights from 5:30-8:00. These nights are for the entire 7th-12th grade. At Lifegroups, we play a large group game, have a time of worship, a testimony/sharing time by one of the teens, and break up into individual classes for a time of sharing life. In the individual class groups, teens are welcomed and encouraged to share what is on their heart and mind, and what is going on in their lives. This is a critical time for teens to be able to safely share with their peers and mentors—and to be encouraged.

Other Events Throughout the Year
Each month, there are a variety of activities for teens to be involved in, including: service opportunities, fun and social events, spiritual events, conferences, devotionals, etc. Each November we have a Teen Family Retreat—which helps build up our families here at East Sunshine. In the Spring we do an all youth retreat—as a time of refocusing during a busy time in the teens lives.

Our summers are busy and fun! During the summer we take groups to Camp Barnabas, an International Mission Trip, Wilderness Expeditions in Colorado, Mission Trips in the US and Serve Springfield (a mission trip to our community). We also do various activities for just the high school, just jr high, and the combined group.

Thanks For Visiting!

We hope that if you are searching for a church family you will consider us. We would love to get to know your teens and have them be a part of our group here at East Sunshine!

Contact Ny McNeely in the church office if you have additional questions about the youth at ESC or Email NY.