LGLife Groups provide a small group setting for sharing life authentically through friendship, encouragement, service, and fun, so that each person might grow in the likeness of Jesus Christ.

We believe that ‘life really is better…shared!’ And Lifegroups at ESC is the best way to help each Christ-follower dedicate their walk more closely to Him, sharing life in community with other believers.  Each group creates an environment that leads people into a growing relationship with Jesus (spiritual growth) and into healthy intentional relationships with one another (authentic community).  Accountability / Belonging / Care…these are the ABCs of building a ‘sharing life’ community.  We invite each new member at ESC to commit to a Lifegroup, meeting weekly to enjoy fellowship, discipleship, and worship through intimate home settings.

Over ½ of our church is currently committed to 1 of 19 Lifegroups meeting throughout Greene & Christian counties. Guests are welcome to visit a Lifegroup to see what the Lord is doing among and through group members. Often a meal is shared together.  Consistent intercessory prayer is offered for one another.  Worship elements are sometimes shared in these intimate settings. And practical Bible study is always a part of each gathering.

Acts 2 reminds us that early believers met both ‘in the temple courts’ and ‘house to house’.  Therefore, we commit to meeting together outside our regular weekly worship assemblies as vital to the growth of each Christian.  And while celebration is evident in our Sunday services, we believe ‘true life-change happens in circles, not in rows’.

Come join us as we journey together, sharing…

  • our spirit of belonging and unity through fellowship
  • our commitment to becoming dedicated Christ-followers through discipleship
  • our love for God through worship
  • our service to others through ministry
  • our faith in the Good News of Jesus through outreach/proclamation

There’s always a seat at our Table for YOU!